Swift-S1 airfoils - AB-AIRFOIL

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Swift-S1 airfoils


Typical indications of use for the choice of the
airfoil depending on the scale.
The reference is to the Swift S1, but is applicable to every 'acro' similar characteristics
(Fox for example).
The airfoils below are not in order of preference,
In these examples we consider the wings with a single airfoil.
NRe speed refers to low/in flight/high

         on mean chord.

Carico alare(wing loading):
light 82 gr/dm^2
standard 105 gr/dm^2
heavy >125 gr/dm^2

0 ->no flap (without flap)
1 ->con flap (with flap)
2 ->con o senza flap (with or without flap)

But ...... the Swift is without flap .... the Swift as a full-size lands, it should be remembered,and takes off at the airport!
Rather give up the spoilers, flaps may be useful in inverted flight or 'flight condition' acrobatic in addition to landing, takeoff, and 'flying condition' thermik.

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