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SWIFT   3.35m   semiscale

This project for Swift modified that I started in 2012,
using   airfoils   of   AB330   series   of   acro-fast  category  
thought so for a  aerobatics even at low speeds .
( The details of this model will be specified later on this site)

He initially suffered from various and repeated
flutter problems at  the   flaps  and  directional
there to consider that up to 250 km/h about  
problems flutter there are none for a regular construction ,
but when you go over you must be very close to perfect,
in particular in balancing and especially in slack/loose
moving parts (linkage, brackets, servos, etc ).

The excellent gps logger SM- Modellbau
 (3D   and   10hz , the same used  in the   Fox)
that records data on micro -sd  and simultaneously transmits the data on the radio
has logged several times much greater speed  of  300 km/h
all obtained with the launch altitude of less than 1500m .

In particular these are some interesting speeds in speed tests
recorded, and ' confirmed', more than 300 km/h, in 2014
in different sessions of the flight:

315/317/351/366/371/379 km/h

The fact of being able to see and measure ( altitude,  time, distances,  etc )
 the entire path made by the model in Google Earth ,
including  4 or more  flight hours,  lets see if the data peak
and  trusted  ( from the point  of view of a data obtained from GPS )  or less .

The gps can in fact at times, usually for  a few seconds ,
disconnect the signal and sometimes even on the radio incorrect data ,
the radio logs and often keeps in memory only the maximum data
immediately viewable on display
(although on my  FX32 ,  are also recorded on   sd- card)
which  are therefore incorrect.
For this reason, the analysis of the log of the gps on pc
is  indispensable  in Google Earth to confirm whether or not the speed .

For example, a  detected speed, viewable in the log,
but not confirmed because shortly after the GPS loses signal,
is 392 km/h and 395 km/h ,
instead  on a pair of occasions, are recorded speed ever NOT confirmed,
because  marked as maximum from Radio, but NOT detectable,
in the  radio log and gps log, are to 461km/h in one case
 and 510km/h in another   (see photo below).
Other strange  data  that   there is no trace
in these first   ~65 hours of flight from this May I have not seen .

Therefore, the confirmation of the speed views of the radio can be done
only after  an analysis of the PC .

I would add that the transmissions from GPS systems on the model to the radio,
they suffer the sampling times due and regulated by the   radio,
so evaluating and seeking the maximum values ​​,
it is  the best system for recording log
directly from GPS on the model  just as it is able to do this gps of SM.
Sure to have this and that is an advantage.

Also note that all GPS records the relative velocity so there is always  a difference
if  the speed tests  take place  against  the wind or tailwind.

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