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F4-'Orca' 2.9m


Wingspan: 2.93m
Lenght:  1,59m
Wing area:  53.5 dm^2


glider ~4.7kg
electric ~5.5kg
electric+retract ~6.0kg

Wing load: 85-140 gr./dm^2

wings with 5 airfoil: root AB340-1.8 then AB330 (
tail with  2 airfoil: AB110 (middle)
rudder with 3 airfoil: AB111R (middle)

ailerons: 2x~4.3kg 11mm
flaps: 2x3.5kg 15~18mm
elevator: 2x3.5kg 11mm
rudder: 1x8kg 20mm standard


resins and fibers aviation; robust fuselage for use slope 'free radio' to different layers of fiber,
large use of kevlar reinforcement and full-length,
gelcoat, ready fiber base canopy, transparent canopy or Azure.

The fuselage is supplied as a glider, the very first part of the nose
is quite similar to a circle in section specially
for those who want to electrify. Double bayonet blade 14x2.

Wings with strong spar at full aperture,
sandwich styro+carbon biaxial aeronautical
to completely cover the surface above and below + additional double layer
up to where it is needed,
leading edge fiber rowing, chord attachment and tip over,
sheaths bayonets inserted, flaps and ailerons already installed and ready to use.
Surface finish in wood that does not require additional layer of fiber for painting.
The flaps are connected on the edge of lower outlet while the ailerons above.

As the wing but with carbon more light
holes for 2 servos
moving parts installed and finished.

Glass fiber, finished, tube fixing already entered

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