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My little Fox 2.8m
always showed high speed
and several people have told me that it was one of the most fast that they had never seen,
on the other hand the sound it produces, is a beautiful sound full of energy ;
This sound in the specific case of the speed test ( dive to approximately 90 degrees) , changes again down the valley ...
when he runs really.
So I decided to find out more and I put the GPS in 2013 , with 3d fix and 10hz
a gps last generation ,
and then make several flights in several weeks , but with very good condition, with the specific goal
reaching the limit , then that limit is seen is not the model but the space available and the constraints imposed by our view .

The GPS records data on miniSDcard to load them into Google Earth .

That is to say , as usual, that to get a good result , beyond the environmental conditions and the launch point chosen ,
you have to work , both of settings, that setting the model ( ailerons and flaps,CG),
because easy to get right and often at a certain speed , the problem
is to go beyond .

Below you can see the best result of 2013 in 3 images of the same dive
taken from a single temporal part of the file produced during the flight.

It should be noted that the launch point is relatively low 1450m,
obviously it is not flight D/S,
and that the engine is not used.

The analysis of the other log files of 2013 lead to summarily say
that a common dive by low ~ 200m the model go to 230km/h with ease,
from high altitude ~ 600-700m often goes a little beyond 300-315km/h
instead with other speed tests are always between 330-345km/h.

At most of 358.81km/h I approached only in one other occasion.

If you want to try remember to do the tests in safety, there is the possibility of losing the model
(flutter or structural problems).

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