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F4-'Orca' 3.45m

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F4-'Orca' 3.45m


The big day of the test with normal conditions;
without going to look for maximum performance
  the 3D gps stores in this flight of 1 hour and 10 minutes,
several sunk above the 300kmh(186mph)
of which 3 just above the 360kmh(224mph)
for a maximum of about 365kmh(226mph) as you can
look at the details in google earth or the graph.

F4-'Orca' 3.45m


A second month after the test
on a slope with not very good conditions and clouds a bit too low.
The result obtained with max height very similar
that is limited, or about 40% less than that
necessary to obtain the current record of the F4-'Orca '2.9m,
confirms more or less the same value of the first launch.
There are obvious margins to do much better.

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