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F4-'Orca' 2.9m

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F4-'Orca' 2.9m


~3.15 hour of flight, single take off, engine not used.

SM Pitot mark 2 dives over 350 km/h (217.5 mph)
3 dives at ~330 km/h, (205 mph)
2 dives over 320 km/h, (199 mph)
and 2 'regular' at ~300 km/h, (186,5 mph)
Then other up to 290 km/h..., (180 mph)

F4-'Orca' 2.9m


~3.5 hours of flight single take off, engine not used

The chart show the following dives (no DS)
of SM pitot:

MAXSPEED to 376.16 kmh (233.75 mph)

other 2 at 366 kmh (227 mph)

1 to 351kmh (218 mph)
1 at 344kmh (214 mph)
1 at 312kmh (194 mph)
1 at 309kmh (192 mph)
1 at 305kmh (189 mph)
  1 at 274kmh... (170 mph)
1 at 271kmh (168 mph)
..and all others under 216 km/h (134 mph)

Start point at 1460m, a low altitude.
This  model (even if heavy) is small and it have a limited mass (~6.3kg , 13.89lb)

The airfoils in use, are not 'racing foils' as the series 'R', but instead are a middle ground
among other not even laminar.
These allow as demonstrated, however a good vmax,
the ability to make fast aerobatics (fast-acro) and
without however becoming especially critical even in tight maneuvers.

The slope not give the same yield throughout the day,
but stay in the air more of 3.5 hours with F4-'Orca', with a good pilot,
 It is not at all uncommon.

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