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AB331R-1.75 standard

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SWIFT 3.2m, AB331R-1.75, Standard.

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AB331R-1.75 is an 10.47% more laminar airfoil than AB339-1.8 (p12-55)
This allows not to lose speed in dive, if not gaining it, despite the large difference in thickness.
In the end you pay around 1-2 points of efficiency around and at E max, that is, as often happens with slim airfoils, in a range
limited of incidence, you gain back in 'acrobatic aspect as long as you keep up the NRe is not going to lighten too.
With this airfoil, you can further load even with loads of 'heavy' and beyond not only for structural reasons;
is always a good idea to have the ability to load it when needed with ballast over the standard load
or slightly below.
He lands a bit 'slower, at 12.52 vs. 12.1 m / s, if it is not enough for you valued the AB331R-2.0.

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