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AB239-1.75 standard

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FOX 2.8m, AB239-1.75, standard.
This dynamic polar refers to this model in all respects except
for the airfoil used
(This model is an old project recently completed) and a weight reduction of 200g.

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The cl max non-small still
landing at a minimum speed of 12.47 m/s that you can 'reduce landing as usual preferably
against the wind, or by mounting flaps, flaperon not, the speed is reduced by about 20%.
Even here, in fact, it is difficult to land the exact stall speed, then you should consider
ALWAYS, that at best you land in a 5-10% more.
The speed limit of 133 m/s refers to the model in order to Cd min., which usually corresponds
when the wing have zero lift, or at a dive to 90 degrees maintained to the bitter end, and in the absence of other forces (as is
happens for example in flight Ds.).

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