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AB230 serie


Serie AB230

                                                                              General guidelines:

FAST: airfoils for high speed and flight quickly.
FAST-ACRO: for fast-aerobatics, high speed dive.
ACRO-FAST: for aerobatics too slow, good speed dive.
ACRO: airfoils for aerobatics where the maximum speed dive is not decisive factor;
ALLROUND: airfoils for thermal and slope flying / plain (Discus-ASW-DG etc. ..), the speed dive remains good for the camber that is not excessive.
Airfoils with camber of 2.0 suitable not only for use aerobatic also
for slope soaring (Discus-ASW-DG etc. ..).

Airfoils 'R' (Racing):
These airfoils are preferred for high speeds dive due to less drag
offering to high and very high NRe.
Are not as extreme as the specific airfoils D/S and behave well in aerobatics and in slope soaring.
Recommended use with wingspan greater than
~ 2.8 meter if interested in aerobatics.
Recommended use with standard or heavy wing loadings at least.


alfa0: angle of zero lift

cm0: moment coeff. close to zero lift (Re = 300000)

CLW (CL work): coeff. of lift work
referring to a wing with lambda 5;

(flight dynamics / slope) for gliders is the CL work for slope soaring,
just below the Emax, corresponding autonomy maximum mileage for motor aircraft.

(flight time / plain) CL work for the duration flight, where is the maximum power factor.

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